Abrimos un respetuoso espacio de encuentro
entre los saberes ancestrales indígenas
y los conocimientos modernos
mediante la inteligencia espiritual la psicología humanista
y el trabajo corporal.



I wanted to send a very warm and full thank you from my heart to each of yours for the time together. The experience of the dieta was transformational, in ways I had expected, and most important, in the unexpected. My heart and soul are full and vibrant thanks to all the efforts of the community including the master plants.
Working with plants was great, loved every ceremony and all the help. Lots of information in the beginning also including the daily medicine
The check in and transportation was really good and also the communication before was clear and very easy to use.
Food was great. my tent was clean and the helpers were helping 🙂
My therapist was lovely, exactly what i needed. I love the plants 😉 and the people who are working with them..
One of the most powerful weeks in my life.
I was fascinated by the knowledge with plants and the communication read from my body. I don’t know what the plants were doing to me but something magical happened. So much appreciation to Esteban, Claudio, Leon & Niko who were involved with ceremonies.
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