Single Ceremony

Ceremonies of Amazonian Traditional Medicine (ATM)

ATM ceremonies are a healing, human development and psycho-spiritual growth space through the use of sacred and master plants within a ritual environment run by our master folk-healers who have ample experience (more than 20 years).

It seeks to bring into contact people interested in getting to know these technologies and to facilitate experiences within a professional, respectful, safe and therapeutical environment.

It is necessary to have a previous interview with our team of therapists, or to have previously attended a Psycho-Spiritual Growth Retreat.

Activities usually begin at sunset.

They may last between 3 and 6 hours.

The hall becomes a dormitory and, the following morning, food brought by the participants is shared at breakfast, followed by an integration period usually lasting about two hours.




That each participant:

Increase his/her perception of his/her condition of spiritual being by living through a human experience.
Achieve a better connection with his/her being and, through it, be able to attain a better acceptance, understanding and transformation of his/her circumstances.

All people taking part for the first time in our Association’s activities must first participate in a Psycho-Spiritual Growth Retreat. (highly advisable)

To participate in our ceremonies you must:
Be of age.
Send an application by e-mail stating the chosen date.
Have an interview and undergo an assessment prior to participation (people living abroad can do both via Skype).

Who cannot participate:
People with personality disorders; taking MAOI serotonine reuptake inhibitor antidepressants; people suffering from serious respiratory, heart or metabolic diseases, and/or pregnant women. Applicants must mention these points in the interview.


Para participar de nuestras ceremonias:

  1. Ser mayor de edad.
  2. Enviar solicitud por mail indicando fecha elegida.
  3. Realizar entrevista y evaluación previa (los extranjeros pueden ser por skype).

No pueden participar:

Personas con trastornos de personalidad, uso de antidepresivos inhibidores de la recaptación de Serotonina IMAO, personas con enfermedades respiratorias graves, cardiacas o metabólicas y/o mujeres embarazadas. Deberán indicarlo en la entrevista.


Do I need any previous knowledge or training?
Yes. In the personal interview you will receive all the necessary information plus a small list of the recommendations.

What do I have to take?
You will receive a list with all necessary items.


Can I participate with my partner and/or child, and/or family?
This is a personal decision. In our opinion doing the retreat in family is something very positive.

Can I take part in the retreat if I am on medication?
It depends on the medication. We need to know both the medication and how frequently you have to take it.

Do I have to take food?
Yes. Something healthy to share at breakfast.