Master Winston Tangoa will share with us a special Diet to remove the cold from the heart with Chiric Sanango plant.

The Sanango Chiric is a master plant of the Sanangos family, which derives from the Quechua word “chiric” meaning “cold”.

Among healers is known as the “cold-removing” master plant, used in the physical plane to heal those cold bodies, suffering from cold hands and feet, little circulation and numb body.

On the psychological plane is a plant that serves to cure the “heart cold” manifesting during the night in dreams of high compassionate level.

On the 21st and 22nd, the Master will pass consultations in Madrid performing Shamanic Diagnostics and Sopladas.

The Diets and the ceremonies will be from 23rd in El Cielo de la Vera.


  • 1200€ for a Week Diet from Monday 27 to Sunday 3
  • 145€ for a single ceremony (accomodation and food included)
  • 100€ For a Individual Consulting

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