Psycho Spiritual Growth Retreat

These Retreats are designed for people without previous experience with traditional Amazonian technologies, and also for experienced people who want to go deeper in their path.

Uniting the ceremonial experiences of the Native Amazonian Peoples and the methodology of the humanistic approach to psychology, these three-day and two-night retreats are intended to provide a transcendent personality experience (an encounter with the Spirit), and then work on the challenges to transform in the day to day.

The retreat consists of two MTA ceremonies and Two Integrations!
The food is vegetarian and the natural environment, separated from the urban centers with different accommodation and transportation options depending on each location.

It is in these retreats that traditional Amazonian ceremonies (CTAs) are held that constitute a ceremonial space for human development and psycho-spiritual growth through the use of sacred and master plants in a ritual, respectful, safe and therapeutic context. They direct and contain these ceremonies our interdisciplinary team and healers teachers of extensive experience (more than 20 years).

That each participant broadens their conscience with respect to themselves, others and the cosmos around us.
Get to improve your connection with your Being, and through it, you can achieve a better acceptance, understanding and transformation of your circumstances.

Participation Requirements
To all the people who participate for the first time in the Association we recommend to start first with a Spiritual Psycho Growth Retreat.

To participate in our retreats:

Be of age.
Send request by mail indicating the date chosen, or contact the zone coordinator.
Conduct interview and prior evaluation (foreigners can be by WhatsApp or Telegram).
In the personal interview you will receive all the necessary information and a small list with the recommendations.