Shamanic Amazonian Diet


Diet is the deepest, strongest and most effective therapeutic work of traditional Amazonian medicine
Consists in:
Retreat in the bush for at least 7 days
Absence of physical / mental effort
Daily intake of master plants chosen according to need.
Energy care (ritual, rules, abstinence)
Strict diet
Acompaignment and integration one on one with a professional psychotherapist after each ceremon
It is a purification retreat of the body and the soul

DATES 2022

5 - 12 June

18 - 25 September

14 - 21 August

21 - 28 August

16 - 23 October

As we have learned from the tradition of our Masters, the shamans of the Peruvian Amazon, diet is one of the main techniques of traditional medicine. During the retreats the participants settle in the middle of nature to rest, heal and reconnect with the breast pacha and its own vital force and creative essence. We speak English, Spanish and Italian.

Consists in:

  • Mountain retreat for at least 7 days
  • Absence of physical / mental effort
  • Daily ingestion of master plants chosen according to need.
  • Energy Care (ritual, standards, abstinence)
  • Strict diet
  • Social and sensory isolation
  • Accompaniment and supervision

It is a retreat of purification of the body and the soul, all the meals are thought to support this task, being healthy, simple and delicious.

At the same time that we take care of our diet each dieter according to his circumstances and needs will be taking a series of medicinal plants, chosen to measure, that will be in charge of helping his process. These plants are determined by the test and interview at the beginning of each diet.

The accommodation is in a very simple cottage (tambo)  isolated from the rest of dieters in the middle of our beautiful forests, or in shared rooms inside the house.

There are two single or double cabins with more comfort (extra TO CONFIRM).

There will be three deepening ceremonies a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday.

Where and when:

The Diets period of 2022 is from Sunday 14 to Sunday 28 August, at El cielo de la Vera, located in Villanueva de la Vera (Caceres). Two hours from Madrid by car.

It’s 2 weeks of diets, you enter on Sundays at 20:00 and you leave next Sundays at 14:00.

How to get:

Meeting point in Villanueva de la Vera.
If you come by car we will send you a map when you make the reservation.
SAMAR buses from Principe Pio.
Do not forget to report your arrival


The cost of the diet per week is € 1600 all inclusive, store accommodation, food, therapies, medicinal plants, 3 deepening ceremonies and a tobacco ceremony, with the possibility of an extra ceremony on Saturday not included in this price .

10% discount if you come as a couple to one of the participants.

10% discount on successive diets for those who want to stay for more than a week.

For How Long is advisable to Diet?
We advise at least one week. The first 3 days the body is adapting to the purification; from the 4th day on, the participants enjoy renewed energy and well-being, which gradually increase from then on.

Diets start on Sunday and end on Sunday.

Can I stay for less than 7 days?
No. Seven days is the minimum to do a good job. If you can, we advised that you try and make several consecutive diets.
For those who don’t have that kind of time at their disposal, we run intensive weekend diets with two ceremonies and one tobacco on Fridays and Saturdays.
Do I need any previous knowledge or training?
After the personal interview you will receive a small list of all necessary items.
What do I have to take with me?
After the personal interview you will receive a small list of all necessary items.
Can I participate with my partner and/or child, and/or family?
This is a personal decision. In our opinion doing it in family is something very positive.
Can I go with kids?
No. Diets are intended for people of legal age.
Can i assist at the retreat if im taking medicine?
It depends on the medication. We need to know both the medication and how frequently you have to take it.
Como llegar | How to Get | Come Arrivare
by BUS:
from MADRID Principe Pio to Villanueva de la Vera Horarios

from Madrid Estación Sur Horarios

from MADRID ATOCHA to Navalmoral de la Mata
from Navalmoral de la Mata with TAXI to Villanueva de la Vera

by CAR: map