By combining the ceremonial experiences of the native peoples of the Amazonian basin, and the methodology of the humanist approach to psychology, these three-day and two-night retreats aim to provide a transcendental experience of the personality (through encounter with the Spirit), and to work on the challenges that need transformation on an everyday level.
These retreats are designed for those lacking prior experience with traditional Amazonian medicine, as well as for experienced people who would like to deepen and develop their learnings.
They consist of three ceremonies: an adaptation purge and two traditional Amazonian medicine ceremonies. The process starts on the morning of the first day and ends by mid-morning of the third day.
The diet is vegetarian, while the natural environment, far from centers of population, offers various accomodation and transport options, depending on the location.


It is in these retreats that the traditional Amazonian ceremonies are held; they constitute of a ceremonial space for human development and psycho-spiritual growth through the use of sacred plants and teachers in a ritual, respectful, safe and therapeutic context. Our interdisciplinary team, our teachers and our healers with extensive experience (more than 20 years) guide and hold these ceremonies.


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The retreat’s goals are that each participant:

– widens their awareness of themselves, of other people and of the cosmos around us – achieves a stronger connection with their being, and through it, is able to attain a better acceptance, understanding and transformation of their circumstances

All persons participating for the first time in our association’s activities are recommended to begin with a psycho-spiritual growth retreat. In order to be able to participate in our retreat, you must: – be of age – send us an application via email stating the chosen date, or contact the area coordinator – have an interview and undergo an assessment prior to your participation (people living abroad can do both via Skype)
Costs: ASK


Places are limited, don’t wait last moment!

No pueden participar:

Those who cannot participate: – Persons with personality disorders – Persons taking antidepressants inhibiting serotonin reuptake (MAOI) – Persons suffering from serious respiratory, heart or metabolic diseases – Pregnant women Applicants must mention these points during the interview.




Do I need any knowledge or preparation prior to the retreat?

Yes. During the personal interview, you will receive all the necessary information, as well as a small list of recommendations.

What do i need to bring?

Upon registration, you will receive a small list of items to bring.

¿What are the Costs?

Please Ask US

Can I participate with my partner and/or child and/or family member?

This is a personal decision. As for us, we see it as a very positive experience.

Can I attend the retreat if I am taking medication?

It depends on the medication. We would need to know what type of medication it is, as well as its frequency.

Do i need to bring food?

No. This is a purification retreat for the body and the soul; we will be providing healthy, simple and delicious meals that are designed to support this task. If you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know during the interview.