Psycho-Spiritual Growth Retreats

By combining the ceremonial experiences of Native Peoples from the Amazonian Basin and the methodology of the humanist approach to psychology, these three-day, two-night retreats have as their purpose to provide a Transcendent experience of the personality (an encounter with the Spirit), then to work on the challenges that must be transformed at an everyday level.

They have been devised for people lacking any previous experience of traditional Amazonian technologies; and also for experienced people who wish to develop their learning.

They consist of three ceremonies: an adaptation purge and two ATM ceremonies. Start is on the morning of the first day and the end is by mid-morning of the third day.

Diet is vegetarian, while the natural environment, far from centres of population, offers different accommodation and transportation options, depending on each location.

That each participant:

Widen his/her awareness of him/herself, other people and the cosmos around us.

Achieve a better connection with his/her being and, through it, be able to attain a better acceptance, understanding and transformation of his/her circumstances.

All people participating for the first time in our Association’s activities are advised to begin, first, with a Psycho-Spiritual Growth Retreat.

To take part in our retreats people must:

> Be of age.
> Send an application by e-mail stating the chosen date or contact the area coordinator.
> Have an interview and undergo an assessment prior to participation (people living abroad can do both via Skype).


Ask US


The number of places is limited. Don’t wait until the last moment.
Thus, place confirmation, recommendations and arrival and departure details will be received.

Who cannot participate:

People with personality disorders; taking MAOI serotonine reuptake inhibitor antidepressants; people suffering from serious respiratory, heart or metabolic diseases, and/or pregnant women. Applicants must mention these points in the interview.