Psycho Spirituality

with feet on the ground

1 Week

at el Cielo de la Vera

1 Week

el Cielo de la Vera

We open a new modality for Psychospiritual work by unifying Amazonian Vegetalism, Shamanism and Humanist psychotherapy.

Down-to-earth shamanism and spirituality implies a clear, understandable language that makes knowledge accessible to all.
Being grounded brings an infinite force that renews itself and renews us each time we contact it.

By unifying everything, it instantly relaxes us, as we immediately know where we are and what our place is in relation to the Universe, of which we feel we are an indivisible part. It takes us to the only possible and real moment: the Now.
There is no fear or uncertainty here, only support, support, empathy and communication with all that exists.

It frees us from the tyranny of the mind, because there is no reasoning to contain it.
It comes from the warmth of the Earth’s core, it is active, powerful, warm and all-embracing and connecting.

It enters our body through the feet, and symbolises the mother; Mother Earth.

We use plants and trees that work on all organs and systems of the body, in combinations of three plants that are given in the form of an infusion.
The work by plant triads is a very old work in the plant pharmacopoeia and is recorded in ancient texts.

Following these elaboration criteria, it is a more effective compound to complete more thoroughly all the areas of each participant, i.e. there are plants that work very well on the liver, but if three are used, it can be better.

The work by plant triads is a very old work in the plant pharmacopoeia and is recorded in ancient texts.

The order of the triads arranged on this occasion is as follows:
The first day: Digestive system
The second day liver and gall bladder with its repercussions on the nervous system,
On the third day kidney and urinary tract and all liquid channels,
The fourth day circulatory system purity of the blood and cleansing of the blood and strengthening of the heart,
On the fifth day we will focus on wellness with plants for moods, joy, happiness and strengthening of the nervous system,
On the last day, the last three most emblematic plants for the reconstruction or possibility of change if this is necessary and that they can assume the changes that the diet makes on people with total self-confidence and security to carry out the tasks or decisions that are taken in the diet through self-observation.

The programme of the week includes 4 deep ceremonies, 4 integrations, plant triad, meeting space with shamans where you can ask for all kinds of information, art therapy activities, meditations, sound.