TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge)

The Temazcal is a very ancient ceremony and has been practiced from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. It is a ceremony to celebrate life and offers us the gift, to return to the womb of our Mother, Mother Earth. Each time the Sacred Fire is lit for the Temazcal ceremony, the opportunity to become aware and live the experience of the Sun fecundating the Earth and be engendered, as their child, is opened; It is a ceremony of pure love, of unity, of Life.

In the Sacred Fire the stones that are our grandparents are heated because they are the oldest beings that inhabit this Earth, they keep the oldest memory. Once inside the temazcal, the granny stones are placed in the umbilicus of the temazcal and they are pouring water to bless with their steam, provide their memory and we can re-cordate, return to the heart, go purifying and connect with our BE to recognize who we really are: Come out reborn and transformed to walk ever lighter, in peace and harmony for our lives.

It is important that each person bring a personal purpose to work during the temazcal and ask for instruction, clarity and vision to walk their purpose.

Inside the cabin we sweat and cleanse our minds, bodies and spirits through song, prayer and request, we sweat for ourselves and for all our relationships.

It is a ceremony to have better emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health; Some of the benefits offered by the physiological level is that we cleanse all internal organs of toxins, increase the production of white blood cells, stimulate the lymphatic and hormonal system, decongest the respiratory tract and thanks to its strong relaxing effect it releases us from stress and nervous tension.