Collaborate in our Volunteer program

One of the most valuable experiences one can have on their spiritual journey is the gift of volunteering – selfless service or “karma yoga”.

This practice helps to maintain humility, gratitude and service, thus strengthening the spirit and strengthening the character.

Our Work Volunteer program is an opportunity to receive healing through the various spiritual practices offered at our retreat and dieting center.

The Center of Hermanosis can receive in a limited way volunteers of different nationalities and disciplines.

Through Volunteer opportunities (selfless service), you will receive, experiential learning, community life, access to medical ceremonies and spiritual healing, as well as support and mentoring, our Volunteers receive a valuable opportunity to accelerate and amplify their healing journey and spiritual growth.

Volunteers in the center of Hermansosis perform 6 or more daily hours of service and the tasks are assigned by the team coordinators.

Volunteering may include ceremonial logistics work, meal preparation, home assistance, gardening, administrative assistance and more.

While Volunteers participate in the Volunteer program, they have the opportunity to attend the various healing events and medical ceremonies offered at the center.

By incorporating the work of medicine into our spiritual practice we can improve the process of awakening.

The center of Hermanosis is a healing center focused on spiritual awakening.

* When the retreats and ceremonies are organized in the Center of Hermanosis but brought by external facilitators, the inmates would have to pay for these events.

The accommodation is centrally located in simple community-style rooms.
Community bathrooms, showers and kitchen space also available

The maximum time of a volunteer at the Centro de Hermanosis can not exceed 6 months.

All travel expenses, including accommodation and food before or after being in the center, are the responsibility of the volunteer.

The support that is provided in a volunteer context is by its very nature a spontaneous, optional and voluntary contribution, and therefore the Hermanosis Center does not provide any remuneration for those who wish to do this kind of experience.

The presence in the Center, in contact with participants in diet with plants, supposes specific rules of Conduct.

The presence in the Center supposes an adequate behavior that takes into account the specificities of the participants and residents, as well as the demands of their therapeutic process and the rules required by the ingestion of medicinal plants (sexual abstinence, nutritional control, relational rules, etc. .).

Therefore, the visitor is asked:

Respect the rules of operation of the Center (internal regulations provided upon arrival) and especially in relation to relationships with dietitians in residence.

Assume a decent behavior both within the Center and outside, throughout your stay.

Do not consume narcotics, including cannabis.

Maintain an “adequate and therapeutic” distance to dietitians and residents, which does not exclude cordiality towards them.

Respect the residents both in their person and in their therapeutic process.

In the case of volunteers and practitioners, avoid staying in the Center’s facilities when there is no scheduled activity, and be able to assume a certain degree of autonomy of life in Villanueva de la Vera, outside the practice hours agreed within the Center.

Posts to cover in the diets 2020 period from July 24 to August 16

For weeks or for the entire month.

5 volunteers, it is positively valued to have a driving license

Psychotherapists with experience in Diets of Hermanosis or master plants