At present, spirituality is no longer a taboo. However, our society still has a long way to go until people are guaranteed respect and true guidance in their intention to reconnect with the spirit and heal the wounds of the soul. Hence, we have chosen to open our doors with the aim of combining various methods, therapists and healers, to develop an authentic discipline that yields verifiable results, and that incorporates the suitability and the humility of the heart in order to accompany fellow human beings in their path to healing,

Our purpose:

Much like our ancestors, we recognize that there is a spirit behind every way of life, and our mission is to support fellow beings in living a life connected to that very spirit. We understand that the human experience is an opportunity to capture the gifts, which we already are in essence. Reconnecting with the spirit’s strength allows us to receive the support to self-realize, and thus enjoy a meaningful life.

Our way:

Faithful to the traditions of the native peoples and their legacy, Hermanosis welcomes all disciplines, religions and philosophies that work for the development of the human conscience, through humility, sincerity and sentiment. Unity: “If a brother is wrong, I am wrong. If a brother is fine, I’m fine.”

Who we are and how we do:

Somos Todos Hermanosis is an association for human development founded by Esteban Kutzwor and Claudio Kutzwor. We believe that there is no single discipline that provides a panacea that can address all corners of a human being, without any weak points. In addition, we believe that every person’s affinities must be loved and honored, meaning that they shall be discussed and taken into account when proposing a discipline that will address the person’s situation. Therefore, we propose various techniques that can treat the same situation from different angles. We do it so that each person can choose the way that truly resonates with them: the protagonist is always both the seeker and its own reparation. The facilitators and their disciplines are only but loving articulators secondary to their service.
We include approaches for an encounter of the spirit with different levels of the being: the well-being of the body, the well-being of the mind, and that of the soul — all in order to reach harmony in the person’s relationships with themselves and all others.
Our commitment is with peace, freedom and diversity.
STH currently belongs to the Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality (CISEI), thus becoming a bridge between Indigenous ancestral knowledge and modern scientific knowledge.
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Our Ethical Code:
The STH association is a founding member of the Platform for the Defense of Ayahuasca (PDA), and adheres to its ethical code.
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Welcome center:

Located in Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres, en el paraje deslumbrante de la Sierra de Gredos, en medio de un frondoso bosque y rodeado de arroyos y gargantas en las que se forman piscinas naturales de agua cristalina.

It has accommodation for 30 people, kitchen, multipurpose rooms, maloca, Tambos, temazcal and 2 hectares of forest.
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Therapeutic Team
Our Therapeutic Team It is conformed by doctors, psychologists, empirical ethnobotanists, healers and therapeutic assistants.

Esteban Kutzwor

Chemical Technician, Therapist, Brain Integration Technique (TIC), Bio Magnetism, Kinesiology, Empirical Botanical Ethno, Founding Member, and Founding Member of the Plantaforma for the defense of ayahuasca.

Karen Navarro

Naturopath, Herbologist, guide and promoter of Medicinal Botany.
Evolutionary floral therapist and graduate in various integrative health techniques: ayurveda, yoga and conscious eating.
Gestalt therapist.

Elisabeth Gantert

General Health Psychologist
Psychotherapy specialist with EUROPSY accreditation certificate and recognized by the FEAP. Full Member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy and a Full Member of the Spanish Association of Family Constellations. Trained in Mindfulness, relaxation techniques and Chiromassage; extensive experience in meditation, yoga and nutrition. Learning with plants since 1997.

Claudio Kutzwor

Therapist, Post-graduate degree in Counseling from Fundació Pere Tarrés – Universitat Ramon Perez Llul, Transactional Analyst certified in the Counseling area, Special Member of AESPAT (Spanish Association of A.T.), Higher Technician in Professional Hypnosis. Spanish Professional Hypnosis Society. Approved by the International Deontological Commission, Master Specialist in Hypnopathology, Professional Hypnosis Master. Expert in Active Cellular Nutrition Institute of Active Cellular Nutrition (INCA), endorsed by the Association Française de Médicine Ortomoleculare (AFMO) Founding partner of the Plantaforma for the defense of ayahuasca.

Sergio Ferrari

Chief coordinator
Therapist, Holistic Counselor, Systemic Constellationist, HumanDesign Professional Analyst, Music Therapist,

Mariela Lijtmaer

Gestalt therapist
Integrative Psychotherapy SAT program by Claudio Naranjo

León Jesús Becerril

Graduate in medicine and surgery. Specialist in Psychiatry and Pediatrics via MIR. Master in Integrative Psychotherapy by the University of Alcalá. He works and studies the Amazonian plants since 2010, creator of the protocol of urgent medical action in health situations related to the consumption of ayahuasca for the Association Somos todos Hermanosis.

Nicolás Fryd

Graphic artist, Theater Actor, Ergotherapist, facilitator of artistic development.

Javier Calso

Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Expert in humanistic therapies (Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Systemic, Constructivist).
Traveler of the transpersonal since 1999 with medicine plants, budo and return to nature.
Teacher in the training regulated by the AETG in Gestalt. Coordinator of the Gestalt Group of Cádiz, Clinical Psychology Area, at the Official College of Psychologists.
people say about us
I wanted to send a very warm and full thank you from my heart to each of yours for the time together. The experience of the dieta was transformational, in ways I had expected, and most important, in the unexpected. My heart and soul are full and vibrant thanks to all the efforts of the community including the master plants.
Working with plants was great, loved every ceremony and all the help. Lots of information in the beginning also including the daily medicine
The check in and transportation was really good and also the communication before was clear and very easy to use.
Food was great. my tent was clean and the helpers were helping 🙂
My therapist was lovely, exactly what i needed. I love the plants 😉 and the people who are working with them..
One of the most powerful weeks in my life.
I was fascinated by the knowledge with plants and the communication read from my body. I don’t know what the plants were doing to me but something magical happened. So much appreciation to Esteban, Claudio, Leon & Niko who were involved with ceremonies.